Sunday, 20 July 2014

Bathroom "Pin"spiration

While we're taking a break to recover from a few busy weeks, I thought I would take a moment to share a few inspiration photos from Pinterest.

Once we made the decision to install beadboard, the rest of the plans fell into place.  Our colour scheme will be white, gray, teal and a few hints of yellow to hopefully make the yellow tub seem less intrusive.

All photos courtesy of Pinterest

The room currently has some poorly installed hardwood floors - not original to the house and they look horrible compared to the original ones.  I know some people will hate this idea...but we are going to...paint them!  Yes, we are going to paint hardwood. I've been reading up on painted floors and painted wood is actually historically accurate to the time of our house, so no need to be upset!

We still have to figure out the panel to cover the front of the tub as well as a beadboard panel above the tub which will provide us with access to the plumbing to the upstairs bathroom.  We'll need to get into there again when we renovate the second floor bathroom.

Hopefully I'll have some reveal photos to share with you soon!

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