Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Just When We Think It's Going To Be Easy...

We are so close to having two rooms complete, but we keep getting stuck on little things, like doorknobs.  We're currently in the midst of a doorknob dilemma!

A whole lotta' door knobs!

We're really trying to add in some of the original character that's missing in a few of the rooms, like the doorknobs in our bedroom. When we moved in they looked like this:

Functional, but not pretty compared the all of the original crystal and porcelain ones.  So we found these ones at Lowe's:

They came in polished brass or brushed nickel, but neither seemed right so I spray painted them black to match the doors.  The only problem is the hardware that they provided didn't match what was already in the door.  So tonight we bought this set:

We figured we could use the inner parts with the new glass knobs.  Seemed logical, but they're still not working right.

It seems like it's always the small details in the end that cause the most grief, yet they're so important to creating a completed space.  For us, it's these final details, like crystal doorknobs, that really bring the house back to life.

And finally, after some sawing, some screwing, and a lot of thought on Jeremy's part, success!

Now, time for some touch up paint!

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  1. Ohhhh I like the new knobs! Definitely seems like a lot of work in all the details! JCad looks cute :-) like a little boy with a new toy lol