Friday, 30 January 2015

Dining Room Disaster

It's now been 10 days since we started the dining room, and I'm feeling like we've barely even scratched the surface (literally!).  Things started out great.  We started removing the bottom squares of wallpaper, which came off really well.  In most areas there was only one layer so we were able to take them right back to the plaster.

It was when we started the top half of the room that things got slow, frustrating, and rather sticky.  

The top layer has been coming off great in some areas.  There are some spots where they used white glue, so it's REALLY stuck to the plaster. We haven't decided how to tackle those spots yet.

On most of the walls, however, there are multiple layers.  Under the top layer, we found a bird motif which had been primed over.  Under it is a really thick (almost like cardboard) flower pattern. Unfortunately these two layers are just not coming off.  We've tried using a scoring tool and special wallpaper razor blade, but even they're not working. 

So we now have some decisions to make.  We've been researching different solutions, and have come up with two possibilities.  

Option #1: Drywall over the top half of the room.  This will work well in most areas, but in some spots it's been done previously and there's very little depth left on the door trims.  With this option we would be able to paint the top half.

Option #2: Prime the walls, use a thick wallpaper lining to cover the many bumps and imperfections, then wallpaper over top.  In some ways, this option feels like we are just adding more layers to the ones already on the walls, but it will do the job and give us the finished look we are going for.

At this point, we are strongly considering option #2.  Although I don't love the thought of adding more wallpaper, it does go with the age of the house, and I feel like it adds warmth to a space.

We found this option at Bouclair, which is reasonably priced and goes with our design plan.

So that's where we stand right now.  Sticky glue, many layers, and more wallpaper on the horizon.

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