Sunday, 22 March 2015

Dining Room Update

It's been a while.  Sorry about that!  We got caught up in drywall dust and paint.  We also decided to take a break from our dining room project for a few weeks.  Sometimes living in the midst of a reno just gets to be too much.

When I last posted, we had just uncovered 100 year old wallpaper after making the decision to drywall over the cracked plaster.  We are both so glad that we made that decision when we did!  My brother spent a few days working on the drywall for us and he did such a great job.  We used 1/4" which is the thinnest drywall you can get.  It matched up with the moulding and trim beautifully which was my biggest concern.

Once the drywalling was done, we were able to begin wallpapering the squares inside the wainscoting to cover the cracks and smooth out the old plaster.  Some of them were in very rough shape! We also added a small moulding to the perimeter of each of the squares to finish them off.  We always felt like they were lacking that final detail. Then the priming began.

The trim and new drywall all needed to be primed before we could do three coats of Dove White.  There's a whole lotta trim in this room!  We're actually still not done it all yet, but we couldn't wait to see the Revere Pewter (the same colour that we did in the living room) on the top half.  So this is where we are today, almost three months after we started this project:

Our to-do list is still pretty long.  We have to:
-install trim around the patio door
-finish all of the painting
-paint both doors black
-order and install the new medallion
-order and install the crown moulding
-hang the drapes
-paint and recover the dining room chairs

It seems like a lot, but when I look at how far we have come, it's not really that much.  Some of it will wait until a rainy day (like painting the chairs) so hopefully soon I will have a reveal post to write!

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