Sunday, 17 May 2015

With Some Spring in Our Step

Now that spring has finally arrived, we've been busy trying to keep up with the weeds, flowers and shrubs that are all coming out in full force.  This is our first spring in this house, and although we came to wander through the yard a few times last year, it was amazing to watch as all of the bulbs and the Magnolias came out in full bloom.

This weekend, the crab apples have been putting on a spectacular show for us while we've been working in almost every section of the yard.  We've been pulling our more overgrown shrubs and filling in some spots where we removed gardens last year.  I also started another rock project in the front garden, to make the front match the side wall that we had installed last fall.  

We have a pretty long list of projects that we'd like to accomplish this summer, with the front porch and car port being at the top of the list.  It will be a big job, but once it's done, it will really change the look of the house.  

After months of looking, we also found some antique shutters that are the perfect size for our windows.  We will hopefully have them within a few weeks, at which time we will be able to replace some of the broken and mis-matched shutters that are currently on the house.  

But for now, we are going to enjoy a day of rest and relaxation tomorrow after working hard this weekend. Happy Victoria Day!

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