Friday, 21 August 2015

Round Room Reveal

It's finally done!  This bedroom has been our interior summer project, and has taken us about two months to complete.  It feels great to finally have it done, and to walk into this room and see what we have accomplished.  What a great feeling!

Aside from our closet, this was the first room that we tackled on the upper level.  We chose to start here because we will be having a home inspection done soon for our adoption, and we wanted to have a complete space that could function as our future child's bedroom.  What a great child's bedroom this will be!

Here is what we started with when we first purchased the house.  There was very tropical wallpaper, red velvet drapes, laminate flooring and mirrored closet doors.

Once the wallpaper was down and the laminate floors were torn up to reveal the hardwood underneath, we began fixing the plaster walls and priming everything.  

I was able to use some of the hardwood that we removed from the closet to patch some damaged areas, as well as the holes from where the old radiators would have once stood.

Although there was only one layer of wallpaper, some of the previous paint colours that we uncovered were pretty wild.  

I can't imagine what this room would look like with teal trim and peach walls!

And finally, with everything painted, the floors sanded and sealed and new closet doors that Jeremy built, here is how the round room looks now:

We don't have much in the front half of the room for art or furniture, but at least it's ready and waiting to become our future child's playroom.

And that's one more room down, with many more to go.

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