Monday, 28 December 2015

Kitchen Update #1

After taking a few days off over Christmas, we're back to work in the kitchen.  Before Christmas we were able to get all of the demo done.

With the cabinets down and the walls out, we realized how large the room actually is!

We got the old ceramic floor up quite easily and were surprised to find a number of layers of linoleum underneath.  My favourite is the red...I can't imagine having an entire kitchen with a red floor!

Once again, we uncovered a variety of different wallpapers.  In some areas there are layers of wallpaper that have also been covered by layers of lath and plaster.  Many of these wallpapers are the same as the ones we found in the bathroom (which is right next to the kitchen) so we figure that at one time this was one large space.  Some day down the road we would love to move the bathroom and regain that space as part of the kitchen.  It would be an awesome pantry or breakfast nook!

With so many layers of wallpaper, plaster and old sheet rock, we decided that the easiest solution for us would be to drywall over everything like we did in the dining room.  Had we chosen to strip all of the wallpaper, we probably wouldn't have our new kitchen until 2017!

My brother has been here helping us with the drywall for the past few days, and we can really see things starting to come together now (which is a much better feeling than the moment when you realize that you no longer have a kitchen and will be eating microwave dinners for the next 6 weeks!)

Although things are pretty dusty right now, we're very happy with the progress that we have made over the past few days.  We still have a lot to do, but knowing that we are putting things back together instead of tearing them apart is a good feeling!

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