Sunday, 15 June 2014

Packing Up

It's been a busy week.  Between wedding showers, family dinners, school functions, dinner club and a mystery bachelor party weekend, I feel like I was barely home last week! Needless to say, I didn't get the light fixtures sprayed and we are not nearly as far along with the packing as we would like.  We get possession of the house next Monday and are hoping to have the truck packed and everything ready to move, as we both took moving days from work.

Jeremy's been busy packing up boxes (he was able to get many computer boxes from work so they are all the same size for stacking nicely in the moving truck) while I've been busy wrapping up our art and photography collection.  In all of my previous moves to and from university, the only thing that I've ever been disappointed with is the picture frames that always seemed to get scratched.  This time, I'm taking the extra effort to shrink wrap all of our pictures so hopefully we won't have that problem.

It's sad seeing the bare walls.  Especially in the stairwell where we had all of our personal photography from the trips we've been on.  But, I keep reminding myself about the adventure that we have ahead of us.  Soon enough the boxes will be unpacked, our photos will be on display again and we will be keeping ourselves busy with personalizing each of the new rooms to make this incredible old house our new home.

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