Monday, 29 September 2014

Autumn in the Air

Last week marked the official arrival of fall.  Although it's scary to think that winter is just around the corner, Fall is definitely my favourite season.  I love watching the leaves change, and it makes my commute to and from work far more bearable.

This is our first autumn in this house and so far, the show has been pretty spectacular.  Although our previous house was also more than 100 years old, there were very few large trees in that section of town.  Unfortunately they were all cut down just before we moved in, so although we didn't have much raking to do, we also never really got to enjoy the fall colours.

Here's a few shots of our front porch.  We picked up an old sap bucket at an antique place in town and added a few fall branches into it to bring some colour up onto the porch.

Our steps are lined with pumpkins(artificial) and lanterns which look great at night.

This amazing tree is right at the front of our yard.  The neighbours can't get over how it looks and people walking down the street often stop to take pictures of it.  It's even more stunning in the morning with the sun shining through the leaves.  Raking leaves doesn't seem so bad when you have this view every day.  If only it lasted longer!

We did up our baskets with fall plants a few weeks ago and they're still looking great. I love the peppers!

We haven't done much inside yet, but we're hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner so I'm sure we'll be busy getting stuff up soon!

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