Sunday, 20 September 2015

Finishing the Foyer

After just a few short weeks, we have the majority of the work done in the foyer and front stairwell.  Even though we hit a few unexpected bumps along the way, this project was actually fairly easy and painless.

We started with a lot of red wallpaper and carpet.  Surprisingly, the wallpaper came down easily and with very little damage underneath.  One of the biggest jobs was replacing the damaged drywall from where the roof above had been leaking for many years.  

We also tore up the red carpet on a whim.  With the wallpaper gone, it just didn't look right.  With that job done, we were able to begin priming and painting.  We chose to use the same colour that we had already painted the living and dining rooms.  We thought that would help make everything feel bigger, and keep a good flow going throughout the main floor.  We also have a 5 gallon pail of it that we are trying to use up!  I don't think we'll ever buy one of those again.

We can't believe how big the foyer feels now!  Without the patterned wallpaper and the dark trim, it has really opened the space up.


We still have a lot to do in this space.  The stairs need a lot of work, we have to reupholster the pink bench, and we are looking for a new console table that will be more functional than the old sewing machine.  But for now, we are moving into the mudroom.  Work has already started in there, and it's going better than expected.  I'll post about that soon!

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