Monday, 7 September 2015

Lessons Learned: Lesson #3 - Plans and Timelines

It's no secret that I'm a planner.  I plan each lesson and routine in my classroom at work, I plan our vacations to maximize our time away and I plan each of the renovations that we do to the house.

Our plan for the hallway was to strip the wallpaper, prime and paint.  Keep it simple, and have it done before we return to work.  We were going to leave the stairs until the final phase of this project.

But, sometimes plans change.

Last night we walked into the front hall and realized how awful the red carpet looked against the primed walls and trim.  We have hated that carpet since the day we moved in, and I had done some poking underneath the carpet and knew there were beautiful hardwood stairs just waiting to be seen again.  So at 11:30 pm, we dove right in and starting ripping out the carpet.

The first piece to go was the odd "puddle" at the bottom.

Once that was gone, we tackled the steps.  This carpet was installed with hundreds of nails, staples and tack strips.  It took us most of the day to remove all of them, but we are so happy with what we have uncovered.

Needless to say, the hallway won't be done before we return to work tomorrow, and that's ok. Sometimes plans change.  Projects grow and develop, which usually means they will take more time. That's been a hard lesson to learn, but a necessary one.

Eventually we will be giving the steps a fresh coat of stain and painting the risers white to match the trim, but for now we will continue with our original plan.  Progress will slow down now that we will be back at work, but hopefully within the next week or two, this section of the hall will be done.

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